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In Sic Bo you place wagers by left-clicking on the appropriate square on the table. 

You can remove or decrease the size of wagers by right-clicking on them. 

The Chip Size menu allows you to select the size that you want to increase or decrease each bet. 

Under the Options menu you will find the Keep Bets option. While this option is selected the game will automatically restore the state of the Sic Bo table (replace all chip piles) to that which existed before to the last roll of the dice.

When you are satisfied with your bets, begin playing the game by clicking on the Roll button.

If you want to make the same bets as you did for the previous game use the Repeat button to copy all the previous bets.

The Clear button will remove all chips from the table.

The Undo button will reverse the effect of the last change made to the table be it the placement of a bet, a clear or a redo.

The Redo button will reverse the changes made by an Undo button.

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