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The Spin button will start a game of Roulette by setting the wheel in motion and releasing the ball on to the wheel. You will only be allowed to spin if you have enough credits available to match the chips placed on the table.

The table felt is divided according to a traditional Roulette table. To read up on the different types of bets available, see the Types of Bets section. Left-click on the table to place or increase a bet, and right-click to decrease.

The Chip Size menu enables you to adjust the size of the increments of your bet. If you are using a chip size of 1, then each click will only add or remove 1 from the current pile of chips on the table.

The Undo, Redo, Clear and Repeat buttons enable you to quickly change the bets on the table.

The Undo button removes all changes made to the table since the last bet.

The Redo button reverses the undo action.

The Clear button removes all chips placed on the table.

The Repeat button will restore the betting state on the table to what it was before the previous spin of the wheel. And will replace any bets that were removed from the table.

When you move the mouse over the Roulette table, a ToolTip will display the amount bet for each area.

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