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Any video poker machine is easy to use. 

The Increase and Decrease buttons control how many coins you want to wager. These are represented by either a (+) and (-) symbol, or an Up and Down arrow. 

The Coin Size menu controls the size of the coins you are wagering.

The Deal button starts a game of video poker. You must have enough credits to meet your current wagering level to start a new game.

The cards determine the outcome of the game. Four hands of five cards are dealt at the start of each new game. 

You can hold a column of cards by clicking on the card in that row in the first hand and unselect a column of cards by clicking on that card again. When you hold a card a bar saying held will be displayed across the card.


Once you have decided on which cards to hold you can discard the remaining cards by clicking on the Draw button. The cards you have not held will be taken away and replaced with fresh cards from the deck.

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